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    January 11, 2017 at 8:52 pm #438

    I love this theme but I am very… extremely frustrated that I can’t get content to format or display the way I want. No paragraphs or line-breaks will display and most of my content is all crammed together.

    The margins/padding is all messed up and smashing up into the header/nav. (see link below)

    I took the option off that was making it so there was a lot of dead space between the header/nav and the page content below which made it look like a blank page on some screens (not good for business!) but now it looks horrible!

    VisualComposer nor the standard editor makes a difference in anything.

    My site is in a staging environment and needs to be fixed before I go live with it.
    The URL will be (the old site is still running) (homepage) (messed up margins/padding)

    also, on the right side of the homepage is a factoryplus service element where it shows the services… is there anyway to run that with just one column and one service? I like the hover-effect but only need one service shown there… minimal is set for 2 with 2 columns.

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